Made Local Project

by Study NY

An idea has been bouncing around in my mind for a few years and I believe now is the time to execute it.  I'm going to call it the Made Local Project.  It is a collaboration between myself (as a brand), my stockists, and manufacturers in selected areas around the globe.  

The idea behind this concept is to highlight the economic and environmental benefits of producing locally.  The first edition of this project will be launched in the following cities where Study is currently stocked: 

New York - Montreal - Los Angeles - Melbourne

We will work with garment manufacturers in each city, giving them the same fabric requirements, technical specs and patterns in order to create 4 identical collections, made by 4 separate factories.  Those collections will then be delivered to 4 corresponding stockists who already carry Study clothing, and will also be made available online through our site in September.  

We also plan to be fully transparent about all costing and production details.  While the final retail price of each piece will remain constant from one shop to the next, the production cost may not, so our mark up will change and we're going to let everyone know about it.

Welcome to the #madelocalproject, we look forward to sharing this adventure with you! 

-Study NY team