We are always researching potential new environmentally friendly textiles to incorporate into our collections. From climate beneficial wool to recycled brass beads, we try to use materials that are eco-conscious. We look at the whole picture - the impact that farming has on the environment, the toxicity of chemicals used in processing the fabric, and the lifespan of the textile once it has been made into a garment. All of the organic fibers we used are certified by GOTS and Oeko-Tex


The types of dyes used on our fabrics range from natural, plant and vegetable based, environmentally friendly, procion low impact, to fiber reactive dyes.

Organic Cotton

Organic growing systems maintain soil fertility, keep soil, water sources, and farmers safe from exposure and contamination of toxic pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. Our cotton was grown, spun, dyed and knit or woven in the USA, China, Egypt or India.


Raw Silk

Raw silk has a soft hand and an interesting nubby texture. It's the perfect fabric for our tank suit.The raw silk we use is cultivated in China and then spun and woven in India.



Linen is incredibly comfortable in warm temperatures and completely compostable. These yarns were grown, spun, and woven in either Poland, Ireland, China or France. 

Repurposed Materials

When possible, we try to eliminate waste by up-cycling our scraps. The Weaving Hand Sweater collaboration uses scraps from the Twist Dress. The Rerolled Logo Sweatshirt repurposes scraps from the Logo Sweatshirt is a collaboration with Zero Waste Daniel.